Premier DS2 XP Desktop & Roadside Diesel Smokemeters

This unit is designed to integrate Diesel testing to any Pc within your workshop.

DS2 XP D car, Light Van MOT Station DS2 XP R car, Light Van Roadside Tests

DS2 XP D HGV, PSV Test Station DS2 XP R HGV, PSV Roadside Tests

The unique DS2 XP Desktop & Roadside range of Cableless Smokemeter systems has been designed for the fleet operator, the mobile van service operator and roadside testing teams. Either working off a portable generator or 230Volt power inverter direct from the vehicle battery. (The inverter being optional).

It comes with a hand-held Tablet PC with Windows® embedded software which allows complete portability of operation within the car, bus or truck cab, combined with the latest Cableless Diesel D52 Smokehead & the PDCom EOBD – our new technology sensing module for rpm & oil temperature measurement.

  • Fast and easy to use test routines for increased productivity
  • EOBD rpm & oil temperature module for cars & light vans
  • Built in printer
  • Fully DVSA approved to Class 4, 5, 7.HGV, PSV, RPC, SVA & LFZ meeting all current specifications & all known future legislation
  • The Diesel D52 Smokehead incorporates automatic calibration with every test. No more filters to lose or break
  • The Diesel D52 Smokehead will operate down to -15c in all weathers with 100 metres range from its DS2 XP Workstation
  • Designed to complement the modern MOT & ATF test station for now and the future


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