Premier Compact – With DVSA connectivity

This unit is also wall mounted and designed to work in conjunction with any Pc, printer, keyboard and mouse in the workshop via a radio link between a Pc and the Compact unit.

The Premier Compact is the ideal solution for garages with either limited space, or those seeking a modern, streamlined way of working.

By mounting the Petrol & Diesel measurement devices on the wall, this saves valuable floor space. You can then have these components mounted at the rear of the vehicle. Whilst the monitor can be placed in the ideal viewing location via a wall bracket.

Connected to either your existing networked printer, or a standalone WiFi printer, the Compact is a solution that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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  • Save yourself time and money with fast and easy to use test routines.
  • Utilise the latest, UK built Wireless Diesel Smokehead.
  • Make your MOT Testing accurate and efficient with our PDCom EOBD reader for RPM & Oil Temperature measurement.
  • Fully DVSA approved to Class 4, 5, 7.HGV, PSV, RPC, SVA & LFZ meeting all current specifications & all known future legislation.
  • The Cableless Diesel DS2 Smokehead incorporates automatic calibration with every test. No more filters to lose or break.
  • Automatic gas bench self-draining system.
  • The Diesel DS2 Smokehead will operate down to -15C in all weathers with 100 metres range from the PC.
  • Designed to complement the modern MOT test station for now and the future.
  • Fully compliant with DVSA connectivity.


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